About the Netherlands Youth Institute

The Netherlands Youth Institute (Dutch: Nederlands Jeugdinstituut, NJi) is the Dutch national institute for compiling, verifying and disseminating knowledge on children and youth matters, such as child abuse, youth work, youth care and parenting support in the Netherlands.

Our main aim is to improve the development of children and young people by increasing the quality and effectiveness of the services rendered to them and their parents. Our main areas of expertise include:

  • Effective parenting and healthy child development
  • Challenges in parenting and child development
  • Guidelines, effective interventions and instruments
  • Strengthening professionals working with children and families
  • The child welfare system, its purpose and functions

By compiling, verifying and disseminating knowledge on children, parenting and families we support the youth sector in tackling the challenges it faces. All knowledge is based on scientific research and is intended for both youth care professionals and policy makers. 

The Netherlands Youth Institute works for and is commissioned by the European Commission, national, provincial and local governments, child welfare providers, professional organizations and charities.

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